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At Seacraft Paints, we're dedicated to serving the needs of the marine sector in Western Australia and beyond. Our extensive selection of high-quality brands is tailored to vessels of all sizes and designs, from small pleasure craft to Superyachts. Additionally, we offer a wide range of automotive, industrial, and protective coatings, as well as abrasives, tapes, and other ancillary products, all of which are readily available in-store.


Our team of highly trained professionals has extensive knowledge of the marine repair and coatings industry, as well as related products. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations by providing exceptional products and services, regardless of the scale of the project.


Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to share their expertise and offer advice on the best solutions to meet your individual requirements. We take pride in guiding our customers through the process, ensuring a successful outcome every time.

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  • Customer Focus - Make our customers the primary focus of action.

  • Ownership Mindset – Assume Ownership for outcomes and path to get there.

  • Get Results – Ensures Implementation and delivery of results.

  • Embrace Change – Embraces and Facilitates change.

  • Inspire – Motivate team towards success.

  • Build Capability – Grows the capacity of individuals, teams, and the organization to meet future challenges.


Seacraft Paints goal is to be the premier solution provider for the Marine Coatings Industry, meeting the needs of the commercial and recreational sectors, supported by our range of world class products.

Our goal is to remain competitive, versatile and react quickly to our customers’ needs, developing the best solution possible whilst innovating constantly to meet changing market conditions.

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ALTEX  No.5 PLUS Antifouling 

Premium Copper Based Ablative Antifouling


No.5 PLUS is the solution to the ever increasing fouling burden in nutrient rich waters.

Designed for the pleasure marine sector, to provide owners with a dependable, high performance coating system that will save them money in maintenance costs.

It is recommended for yachts, launches, tenders, dinghies and trailer yachts, No.5 PLUS will typically provide 22-26 months protection.* (based on two spray applied coats). 


Not suitable for use on aluminium craft, outboard motors, sail drives or stern legs.

The product is available for immediate shipment.

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